The IRC-laureate project MACMORRIS has been collaborating closely with Léamh because it shares its belief that the story of early modern Ireland can only be told if we are attentive to all the sources, including, crucially, the Irish-language works, including poems, annals, and letters. For that reason, MACMORRIS shares Léamh's commitment to providing the resources for engaging directly with those materials. Otherwise, we will never be able to access early modern Ireland in its full complexity. With that in mind, we worked together to make available a selection of poems that had not previously been edited.

In making our selection, we were influenced by the project's case study, a Deep Map of the province of Munster. The Deep Map focuses on the climactic years 1570 to 1610, to capture the cultural churn of a province in the grip of war (the First and Second Desmond Wars, the Nine Years’ War), dispossession, and plantation. As well as recording the impression of newcomers (the campaign journals, letters, poems, and chronicles of the New English, and the observations of Spanish, Italian, and German military commanders and visitors), it was crucial to present the cultural world of Gaelic and Gaelicised Munster. The poems we have selected give access to that world.

It is hoped that the extracts provided in this section will encourage readers to access the texts in full. Their subject matter and the contexts in which they were composed are discussed in more detail in the individual general guides. Excerpts from all these poems also appear in the MACMORRIS project's deep map of the province of Munster: https://macmorris.maynoothuniversity.ie/map

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Beannacht duit, a Dháibhíth Óig