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[45], jump, impulse 79 11; l. (do thabhairt) tar líne 11 17, 17 21, 30 12; rioth do l., a rush 52 2; l.gen. attack on 16 25; l+ gen. attack by 64 21; l. fa, rush against 30 33; ag l. le, palpitating with 15 24; léimeanna crann, steps (on ladder) 62 20.

Aithdioghluim Dána: A Miscellany of Irish Bardic Poetry, Historical and Religious, including the Historical Poems of the Duanaire in the Yellow Book of Lecan. Vol II, Translations, Notes, Vocabulary. Editor: Lambert McKenna S.J.

v.n. of lingim, I jump (at), I attach, I conquer, 668; ag léim deabhtha, 117 n.; léim luighe, 3600 n.

Poems on the O'Reillys. Editor: James Carney.

(45), l. troda battle-charge 1009; l. an chatha 4072; mo l. luighe 3828 n; ag l. a loingidh 4071; vid. lingim.

The Book of O'Hara: Leabhar Í Eadhra. Editor: Lambert McKenna S.J.