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[65, 95], gabhaim ’n-a gh. é I seize it as security 31 23; gabhthair mo gh. re distraint is effected on me owing to 84 23; géabha an ríghe i ng. re thou shalt get the realm as security for 31 22; g. ar security for, a conditional claim to 31 25; i ng. sochair in pledge for, i.e. in expectation ofdepending on 16 26, 17 11, 31 23, 47 11, 51 1, 88 14; i ng. re in pledge for, i.e. affected by, etc. 10 37; is g. é re it is an earnest of 58 1, 95 1; ní g. é re it is not an adequate pledge for, it is unequal to 59 30, 71 27; i ng. re a ghonaibh responsible for His wounds 78 38; a-táid i ng. ag a grás they depend on her favour 63 16; do bhí i ng. ga mhéad meanman he was urged on by his ambition 15 17; cuirim g. na foghluime leat I challenge thee in learning 41 15; cuirim g. riot ar oineach I compete with thee in generosity 41 11; cuirim g. as I bet on it, I challenge (anyone) to equal it 16 14; as ar ionchuir g. which one could set in challenge against anything else 16 5; atá g. agam uait I surpass thee 45 3; is liom do gh. I surpass thee 17; leigim mogh. leat I admit thy superiority 75 34; beanaim do gh. díot I surpass thee 16 12; tugas an g. duit I admitted thy superiority 38 13; téid mo gh. d’Úna Una surpasses me 18 37; téid g. ar oineach duit thou excellest in generosity 16 11; beirim g. I excell 88 25; beirthir g. m’oinigh my generosity is surpassed 74 2; tuar gill 26 12, 80 32 n; bráighe ghill 14 13 n.

Aithdioghluim Dána: A Miscellany of Irish Bardic Poetry, Historical and Religious, including the Historical Poems of the Duanaire in the Yellow Book of Lecan. Vol II, Translations, Notes, Vocabulary. Editor: Lambert McKenna S.J.

a pledge (originally an article of value surrendered as a guarantee of abiding by a legal judgement), the palm, 2, 4, 147, etc. ; fear do ghill do bhreith, the man who takes your pledge (i.e. who is adjudged better than you), 397; a ngeall...fuarabhair, 408; cur an ghill as, betting upon, 1525.

Poems on the O'Reillys. Editor: James Carney.

(65), an g. do ghlac 2521 n; fuair g. díbheirge he got the better ofabolishedbrigandage 1452; ní ronn g. mná re ríoghain as a lady she outdoes every queen 2678; tugas g. na nGaoidheal dá uaisle I put him first of all G. in nobility 3451; ní thiobhartha g. ar oirbheart d'aon thou wouldst yield to none in gallantry 1562; g. ó uaisle adhbha hÍr tarla ar prize for nobility in Ír's house is awarded to... 2287; a-tá g. leis ó he surpasses 197; faoidh ... g. re haisgidh the sound ... is like a gift ... 2649; g. re comhthaibh críche pledge for conquest of land 4287; mo bheith i ng. ag my dependence on 1835; créad an baoghal breith a ghill what danger can overcome it 4184; do-rinne sé g. i n-a ghoin 3759.

The Book of O'Hara: Leabhar Í Eadhra. Editor: Lambert McKenna S.J.

m., promise, pledge, wager, prize, ‘bravium,’ 10277; g. ré, ‘the equivalent of’; cf. is g. ré heasbaidh athaisg do bheith air é, 1781; is dearbh go bhfuil g. ris gach ní dhíobh ann, 6233; ní...budh g. ré radharc do bheith air é, 1781; is dearbh go bhfuil g. ris gach ní dhíobh ann, 6233; ní...budh g. ré radharc do bheith aca, 6524; gen. gill, 10605; dat. geall, gioll, in phr., mar gheall ar, ‘in return for,’ 3604, 6788; i ngeall (with gen.), ‘in need of,’ 4835-61, 5084; i ngioll, 5098, 5902; i ngeall (ngioll) ar, ‘by means of, on the strength of, in return for, owing to,’ etc.: ghiallas dá réir do dhéanamh i ngeall ar onóir shaoghalta, 619; i ngioll orra, 620; ar dtréigean Dé i ngioll orra, 2023; 3541, 4603, 7175, 10084; i ngioll ré, ‘as the equivalent for the payment of’: bheanaid a anam as i ngioll ris an gcúntas, 3654; bhíos i bpéin i ngioll ris an bpeacadh, 4377; na druinge bhíos i ngioll ré díol na bhfiach bhíos orra, ‘those who are (held in prison) in pledge for the debts due by them,’ 4452; purgadoir...’na mbeidís anmanna na bhfíréan i ngioll ré díol na bhfiach, 5001

Trí Bior-Ghaoithe an Bháis: The Three Shafts of Death. Author: Geoffrey Keating. Editor: Osborn Bergin.