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(95), fa dh. duille 1385 n; fa dh. crann protected by spears 4344; a-tá a nd. i n- their safeguard comes from 2537; a nd. docra their protection from difficulty 1231; dleaghar d. air protection of it is allowed 2016; gur bhean a d. d'adhbha that he deprived a house of its protective function 4350.

The Book of O'Hara: Leabhar Í Eadhra. Editor: Lambert McKenna S.J.

m., act of protecting, (against, ar), 19, 599, 1688, 2721, 5808; gen. –a, 2483

Trí Bior-Ghaoithe an Bháis: The Three Shafts of Death. Author: Geoffrey Keating. Editor: Osborn Bergin.