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a charter, ds. cairt, cartaigh. cairt shealbha, a charter warranting possession, 85. Passing into sense of ‘authority’ ‘legal warranty’: 1049-52; cairt gach seinleabhair le Filib ar, the authority of every ancient book sustains Pilib’s right to, 1087. Other metaphorical uses: clú a ccartaigh ad chroidhe-se, fame firmly fixed in your heart, 68; cf. Atá a g[h]rádh am chirdhe a ccairt, 23 D 14, p. 94, Lim a cartaigh croidhi tind, IGT, 2105; ar síoth do chur a ccairt, to give us an assurance of peace, 2366

Poems on the O'Reillys. Editor: James Carney.