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urra, orra [N. 7] surety, person capable of, warrant’;urra 1019, 2268, 2466, orra 1407, 3059, 3082. Both this and the following word derive from OI aurrae (see RIA Contribb.) and it is not always possible to distinguish clearly between them. urraidh 2218 appears to belong here.

Duanaire Mhéig Uidhir: The poembook of Cú Chonnacht Mág Uidhir, Lord of Fermanagh 1566-1589. Editor: David Greene. Translator: David Greene.

guarantor, authority, prince, lord, etc. (see Aithdiogh. Dána, II. 52 13 n. for this word, also urradh). gan a chlú ar urraidh oile, no other lord has his fame, 363; urra a fhíoruighthe, a guarantee of its fulfilment, 1508; urra a hóil, sufficient to drink it, 1747; níba hurra deabhtha ad dhál, he will be no match for you in contest, 1818; Éire gan urraidh, Ireland without a leader, 2211; urra séud, a guarantor of treasures, 2606 (late); urra na ndámh, the guarantor of the poets, 3364 (late).

Poems on the O'Reillys. Editor: James Carney.