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[EC guin], I sell, betray 60 2; r. ar I sell in exchange for 7 30, 12 16, 73 20; r. é ar son I sell in exchange for 66 27; r. é re I sell it to 31 12, 46 19 n; r. é re I tell it to 89 28; r. é I propose, offer it 95 12; ní hinreactha uaim é I should not proclaim it 65 26; vn. reic q.v.

Aithdioghluim Dána: A Miscellany of Irish Bardic Poetry, Historical and Religious, including the Historical Poems of the Duanaire in the Yellow Book of Lecan. Vol II, Translations, Notes, Vocabulary. Editor: Lambert McKenna S.J.

I utter, I declare. rún nach reacfa, a secret intention that he will not declare, 3688, cf. ag reic a rúine, IGT ex. 1266; do reac, 'prophesied', 577.

Poems on the O'Reillys. Editor: James Carney.

  1. I exchange&c. do reac a dreich ... 3145.
  2. I tell&c. reac uaim ris mo bheith ... 1834; rún daoibh do reacfaidhe 174.

The Book of O'Hara: Leabhar Í Eadhra. Editor: Lambert McKenna S.J.

  1. [reic-], I sell (for, ar); do reac, 3454; do reic, 8319
  1. I mention, enumerate; pass. –thar, 6745; see reic

Trí Bior-Ghaoithe an Bháis: The Three Shafts of Death. Author: Geoffrey Keating. Editor: Osborn Bergin.