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(often for re), prep.+ acc.+ pron. liom, leam; l(e)at; leis, lais; lé; l(e)inn, leann; l(e)ibh; leo; +rel. le a n-, leis a n-, le nach, leis nach, ler', leis ar'; +rel. + cop. le n-a holc, lenab olc, len holc, le nach olc, leis nach olc (24 P 8 190, 194, 218). Uses, vid. TS; also sdiuir libh 52 24 n.; is liom 89 32 n.; nocha l. do bhían 47 1 n.; is liom é it is mine; na fir len leis (not len leo) an fearann, whose land it is 24 P 8 219.

Aithdioghluim Dána: A Miscellany of Irish Bardic Poetry, Historical and Religious, including the Historical Poems of the Duanaire in the Yellow Book of Lecan. Vol II, Translations, Notes, Vocabulary. Editor: Lambert McKenna S.J.

(h-) prep. followed by acc. with; le haoinfher 110. With article leisin 456. Followed by dat. le saoithibh 2225. Conjugated; 2 s. let 73, lat 1444; 3 sm. leis 460; 3 sf. lé 1264; 2 pl. leibh 935; 3 pl. leo 1048.

Duanaire Mhéig Uidhir: The poembook of Cú Chonnacht Mág Uidhir, Lord of Fermanagh 1566-1589. Editor: David Greene. Translator: David Greene.

prep., with.  With fem. suffix pron. léithe, 2990, 3047; with 1st pl. suffix pron. lionn, 308 (described as faulty BST 194 16); with 3 sg. masc. poss pron. lena, 1076 (MS. reading).

Poems on the O'Reillys. Editor: James Carney.