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[V. 1] does, makes, goes; pret. 3 s. do-ríne, -derna 588, 2249; pass. -dernadh 1224; fut. 1 s. do-ghén, 3 s. -dhiongna 41; pass. dinguntair 2198; subj. past 1 s. -dernainn 2801; vn. déanamh, etc.; part. of necess, dénta 2801.

Duanaire Mhéig Uidhir: The poembook of Cú Chonnacht Mág Uidhir, Lord of Fermanagh 1566-1589. Editor: David Greene. Translator: David Greene.

does. gan chobhair...lais fá ndiongnann d'oineach, having no assistance with regard to all the deeds of generosity that he does, vi (c). This is a pres. indic. formed from the Fut.-Condl. stem of do-ní. Cf. Desiderius, Intro., p. xxxiii.

Poems on the Butlers of Ormond, Cahir and Dunboyne (A.D. 1400–1650). Editor: James Carney.