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[V. 58] puts 136; pres. pass. cuirrthir 1179; cuiridh le increases 2680; cuiridh re attempts 1591, opposes 2941, 2969; vnn. cor, cora.

Duanaire Mhéig Uidhir: The poembook of Cú Chonnacht Mág Uidhir, Lord of Fermanagh 1566-1589. Editor: David Greene. Translator: David Greene.

puts, places. cuiridh a anáil fútha, he breathes on them, vi (a). dearbh nár chuir acht mar budh cáir, a bhfuair..., it is certain that he apportioned (lit. placed) what he got in a fitting manner, 1175.

Poems on the Butlers of Ormond, Cahir and Dunboyne (A.D. 1400–1650). Editor: James Carney.