cá (gá)

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pron. interrog. what? (a) cá huair, ‘at what hour?’ 1173; cá lá, ‘on what day?’ 6417; cá rian, ‘on what road?’ 10732; cá mhéad (followed by nom. sg.), ‘how many?’ p.150, chapter heading; cá tráth, ‘at what time?’ 740; with vbs., eclipsing, ‘where? whither?’ cá dtriallann? 10395 (b) gá fios damh, 1826; gá méad fiche bliadhan, ‘how many times twenty years?’ 10933; gá fad, ‘how long?’ 1618; often in phr. gá dtám ris, ‘where are we at it?’= ‘why enlarge?’ ‘in short,’ 783, 1983, 3146, 3669, 5473 (perhaps for Mid. Ir. cid daam, ‘what ails us?’)

Trí Bior-Ghaoithe an Bháis: The Three Shafts of Death. Author: Geoffrey Keating. Editor: Osborn Bergin.