Re h- (Ré h-)


With personal pronoun:

Singular Plural
riom, (ríom); rum, (rom) ruinn, (roinn); rinn
riot; rut, (rot) ruibh, ribh
ria, () (f.); ris, (rís, frís) (m.) riú,

With definite article:

Singular: ris an

Plural: ris na

With possessive:


  • 1st person: rém
  • 2nd person: réd, rét
  • 3rd person: ré a, réna (f.); re a, ré a, réna, ré n-a (m.)


  • 3rd person: ré a, réna

With relative:

Usage / Notes:

  • re combines the function of le, with which it often interchanges in variant readings, and Old Irish fri
  • also carries function of Old Irish la
  • It is also occasionally encountered in mansucripts, in error, as ré n-. It is at times difficult to discern which preposition the scribe intended (i.e. re or ré n-)

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