With personal pronoun:

Singular Plural
damh dúin, dúinn, dún, (dhún, dhúinn) 
duit, duiddait, daiddeitdeiddoid, doitdit daoibh, díbh, dúibh, duibh
di, (f.); , do, (dhó) (m.) dóibh, (dhóibh), dáibh

With definite article:

Singular: don (leniting)

Plural: dona

With possessive:


  • 1st person: dom
  • 2nd person: dot, dod
  • 3rd person: (f. and m.)


  • 1st person: dár, dáir, d’ar
  • 2nd person: dábhar
  • 3rd person:

With relative:

Usage / Notes:

  • Lenites following noun
  • With gach
  • appears before vowels as d’
  • not be confused with preposition de, which often is written do

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