With personal pronoun:

Singular Plural
orm, oram (orum) orainn (oruinnoruind), oirn (oirnn)
ort; oratorad oraibh, oirbh
uirre, uirthe (f.); air (m.) orra, ortha (orrtha), orthaibh, oirthibharaibh

With definite article:

Singular: ar an (eclipsing or leniting, depending on meaning)

Plural: ar na

With possessive:


  • 1st person: ar mo
  • 2nd person: ar do
  • 3rd person: ar a


  • 1st person: ar ar
  • 2nd person: ar bhur
  • 3rd person: ar a

With relative of copula:

ara (might be found as ar a)

Usage / Notes:

  • Lenites (irregularly)
  • Governs accusative (i.e. onto) and dative (i.e. on)

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