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unsteadiness, 4115. [From udmhall, adj. (mangled into udhmall and utmall in Dinneen). Cf. Sc. udail or udbhoil. sb., moving to and fro, tossing about. The u- is short in Sc., and likewise in Irish (as MS. spellings suggest), despite the editorial ú- in Metr. Dindsh., v, 314. In Donegal údalán, a swivel (Quiggin), the úd- doubtless represents umhd-, metathesized from udmh-, like Connacht amhdaigh from admhaigh.]

Desiderius, otherwise called Sgáthán an Chrábhaidh. Author: Flaithrí Ó Maolchonaire. Editor: Thomas F. O’Rahilly.