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npl. : t. ar na Habsttaloibh, spurious successors of the Apostles, 3773. [tuilidhe appears to mean a child deserted by its father, an illegitimate child, a child for whom a wrong paternity is claimed. Cf. mo bith im thurc[h]aire thuilighi can fis m’athar no mo mathar, Thebaid, 120. tuilige .i. mac tabartais, ACL, I, 55 (and cf. tuilidecht, ib., 111, 271). mac tuilighe, a bastard son, O’Don. Spt. grádh tachartha is tuilidhe, DG, p. 76, 31. tuilithe, an intruder, a wrongful claimant, Three Fragments, 184 ; Laws, 1, 192. Duan na Tuiledach, B. Col. C., 380. Further : tréad tuilighthe tollairbheach, TBg, 6617 (perhaps 'orphaned,’ ‘ abandoned ’ ?).]

Desiderius, otherwise called Sgáthán an Chrábhaidh. Author: Flaithrí Ó Maolchonaire. Editor: Thomas F. O’Rahilly.