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Meadhbh, da. of Eochaidh Feidhlioch, II. 186, 214 ; w. of Tinne, s. of Connraidh, k. C, 186 ; sovereign of Connaught for 10 years after Tinne's death, 188 ; marries Oilill Mor, ib. ; the seven Maines, ss. of Oilill and, 198, 220 ; conflict between Connaught and Ulster in time of, 188, 190 — 228 ; takes into service a party of exiles from Ulster, 194 ; bears three ss. to Fearghus, s. of Rogh, ib. ; long life of, 196 ; Conchubhar and the heroes lived in time of, ib. ; Oilill and, give land to a remnant of the Fir Bolg, I. 200 ; story of her swimming with Fearghus in a lake in Magh Ai, II. 208 ; sl. in Inis Clothrann by Forbuidhe, s. of Conchubhar, 196, 212 ; buried in Cruachain, 350; al. Meadhbh Chruachan, 214.

Meadhbh, da. of Innreachtach (k. C.) and m. of Niall Caille (k. Ire.), III. 164.

Foras Feasa Ar Éirinn: The History of Ireland, by Geoffrey Keating D.D. Part IV, containing the Genealogies, Synchronisms with an Index, which includes the elucidation of place names and annotations to the text of Vols. I, II and III. Author: Geoffrey Keating. Editor: Patrick S. Dinneen.