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in do bhithin, by reason of, p. 18 n., 6452. [Cf. do bhithin : fichidh, Studies, 1921, p. 75 ; and see TD, 11, 249 f. In 18th cent. Munster verse both do bhithin and do bhíthin are found. Cf. Mid. Ir. fo bíth.]

Desiderius, otherwise called Sgáthán an Chrábhaidh. Author: Flaithrí Ó Maolchonaire. Editor: Thomas F. O’Rahilly.

only in phr. do bh., ‘by reason of,’ 2685, 4098, 4805, 5218; dá bh. sin, ‘for that reason,’ 2281, 4833, 6979

Trí Bior-Ghaoithe an Bháis: The Three Shafts of Death. Author: Geoffrey Keating. Editor: Osborn Bergin.