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Rudhruighe, k. of the Pictish tribe from Scythia; invasion of Britain by the Scots and, II. 388; defeat of by Marius, k. of Britain, ib.; remnants of host of settle in northern Alba, ib.; above incidents given in Stowe as occurring anno 73 refer to the colonisation of Alba by the Picts in time of Eireamhon, 388, 390.

Rudhruighe, s. of Diochun Uairiodhnach, gf. of Cairbre Chinn Chait, II. 236.

Rudhruighe, s. of Moirmhinn, k. of Britain, flies to Ire. from the Lochlonnaigh, III. 190.

Rudhruighe, s. of Sithrighe, k. Ire. thirty years or seventy years (Fm. and Annal. of Clonmac. give him seventy, but Flann Mainistreach appears to have given him a shorter reign, v. Fin. I. 84), II. 180; d. of plague at Airgeadros, ib. (anno 4981. Fm.); rt., 182, 240.

Rudhruighe Mor, ' R. the Great,' Clanna Rudhruighe sprung from, II. 258; identical with Rudhruighe, s. of Sithrighe.

Foras Feasa Ar Éirinn: The History of Ireland, by Geoffrey Keating D.D. Part IV, containing the Genealogies, Synchronisms with an Index, which includes the elucidation of place names and annotations to the text of Vols. I, II and III. Author: Geoffrey Keating. Editor: Patrick S. Dinneen.