Rogh, Roigh

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Rogh or Roigh, m. of Fearghus, s. of Rossa Ruadh, usually called Fearghus Mac Roigh, II. 188, 192, 196, 208; McF. 573 says Roch Rioghfhoda inghean Ruaidh Mic Dheirg Dathfola asi ro ail Feargus agus as uaithe ro hainmnigheadh Feargus mac Roich ris; no go madh i Roch inghean Daire Dhoimhthigh a mhathair "Roch Longarm, daughter of Ruadh, s. of Dearg Dathfola it was who fostered Feargus and it was from her that he was called Fearghus, s. of Roch; or that his mother was Roch, daughter of Daire Doimhtheach."

Foras Feasa Ar Éirinn: The History of Ireland, by Geoffrey Keating D.D. Part IV, containing the Genealogies, Synchronisms with an Index, which includes the elucidation of place names and annotations to the text of Vols. I, II and III. Author: Geoffrey Keating. Editor: Patrick S. Dinneen.